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Families from the Camilo Ortega neighborhood in District III open dignified streets

The Good Government of the Sandinista Front continues to celebrate with the capital families the festivities of the Bicentennial of Central America, giving the inhabitants of the Camilo Ortega Sector La Zacatera 4 paved streets, through the Streets for the People Program, which made them protagonists of the good common to more than 2 thousand people.

This program closes the week with 65 percent progress, which corresponds to 795 completed streets, as reported by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales.

"How beautiful it is to make a homeland in this way, building new streets, these are 4 blocks from León, they are very large streets that no other government could build before, with these streets we reached 795 blocks built, we are 5 blocks from the 800" , detailed Armas.

Félix Rubén Urrutia lives in the neighborhood and in the 10 years he has lived in this sector, he had not seen so much progress, “we feel happy because with these new streets the kids are no longer going to screw them up to take them to school, here it was difficult to walk when it rained, not to mention that he would get into our houses ”.

Through this work for the common good, the living conditions of 2,150 inhabitants of these neighborhoods distributed in 653 families are improved, with an investment of 2,714,125 córdobas, significantly improving the lives of families in the sector, who Now they will live in decent conditions, because with this work the ponds and dust, which represent sources of disease and contamination, are eliminated; in addition, that now they will have better accesses.

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