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Los Leones Park reopened

Los Leones Park in District II was reopened in the midst of piñatas and face painting, cheerful clowns, prizes and cultural dances organized by the beneficiary families. The renovation works were carried out in collaboration with Petronic in coordination with the Municipal Government.

The park benefits the families of the Javier Cuadra neighborhood and since it opened its doors in March 2016, it has become a place of coexistence and family recreation, which is essential for the integral development of children and adolescents.

Among the maintenance works, the painting of 160 linear meters of perimeter wall, its pedestrian platforms, 24 concrete ramps was carried out.

The children's games and their protection area with neoprene, the electrical system and lights to the gardens and its fountain that distracts young and old were also maintained.

Reyna Rueda, Mayor of Managua, while sharing with the families, reiterated the Government's commitment to continue providing families with places of recreation.

“Brothers and sisters, we are proud to restore to families their right to healthy recreation, and this would not be possible without the coordinated work with the Petronic brothers, thanks to the political will of our Commander Daniel and our Vice President, only working together we can continue on the restitution route promoted by our Government ”.

María Auxiliadora Lara, mother of three children and resident of the Javier Cuadra neighborhood, thanked the Government for the recovery of the park that benefits six neighboring neighborhoods.

“Here all of us who are mothers are grateful to Commander Daniel, because three years ago this park is not even the shadow of what it is today, it is difficult for me with my three kids to go to the Luis Alfonso park and this park It has everything, here my kids have a happy time when we come ”.

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