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Intense Wheelchair Basketball Day was enjoyed in the capital

A great recreational and sports meeting took place this Saturday, May 27, on the courts of the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores park, with the start of the Wheelchair Basketball League, promoted by the Managua Mayor's Office, as part of the promotion of the sport in its different disciplines.

This tournament takes place every Saturday with teams from Managua and one that comes from Diamante de las Segovias, Estelí, as reported by Noel González, Sports Director of the capital city.

“As part of the promotion of sport for people with disabilities. We have been supporting them for many years. They have been Central American champions in the Paralympic Games”, added González.

Ramón Alvarado, is the founder of wheelchair basketball since the 80s and stated that the majority are war cripples, "we were combatants or due to different situations and accidents, but we have made basketball a means of education, a means of insertion, a means of motivation and renewal of the individual spirit of each one of us”.

The games are from early hours until nightfall, with these teams that are part of the team and that have been Central American champions.

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