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Advances in a 62% the Winter Plan 2018

As part of the 2018 Winter Plan, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua carries out cleaning tasks in riverbeds, micro-dams, gutters and gutters, to guarantee the proper functioning of the storm drainage and avoid damage to infrastructure and flooding by rains, in the homes of the capital families.

The progress of the Winter Plan was presented by the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who announced that these cleaning works are being carried out at a good pace and it is expected to conclude in the month of May; He expressed so far a global advance of the 62% is carried out.

Likewise, he reported that the micro-dams gritting has progressed by 72%, with the cleaning of 67,693 cubic meters of sediment out of the 94,000 projected to be cleaned this year; 70% progress has been made in the cleaning and de-sanding of lined riverbeds, with the evacuation of 4,443 tons of garbage and sediments in 45 kilometers of the 64.5 kilometers of lined riverbeds; 620 tons of trash and sediment have also been collected in 9.2 kilometers of unlined riverbeds.

Similarly, it was indicated that the cleaning work continues as well as in the gutters and drainage pipes, tractors that carry a 58% of advance with the evacuation of 4,736 cubic meters of sediment and garbage; In the same way, work is being done on cleaning the trappings, so far 4,917 of the 13,000 existing in the city have been cleaned.

The municipality invests 46.6 million Córdobas in these cleaning tasks, to guarantee the cleaning of the 23 micro-dams, the lined and unlined channels, as well as the city's storm drainage.

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