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Managua Council declares of public utility construction works of the Multipurpose Convention Center and Road Improvement Siete Sur-Las Piedrecitas

The Managua Council in its Ordinary Session Number 42 declared the projects to support the Central American Games of social interest; design, construction and equipping of the multiple-use Convention Center and the improvement of the Las Piedrecitas and Siete Sur intersection road.

According to the Law, all works declared of social interest for the benefit of the common good enjoy tax exemption. For this reason, the companies awarded for the construction of the Multiple Convention Center and road works will be exempted from paying municipal taxes on income and construction taxes.

According to the Secretary of the Council, comrade Reyna Juanita Rueda, the capital commune included in the 2016 Income and Expenditure Budget the Design, construction and equipment projects of the Multiple Use Convention Center and the Las Piedrecitas-Siete road improvement South.

The Multiple Use Convention Center will contribute to the integral development of sports and the formation of social and cultural values of the capital's population, mainly for children and youth; while the road works between the sectors of Siete Sur and Las Piedrecitas will serve to decongest vehicular traffic mainly during peak hours.

In this same session, the councilors resolved to declare the Appeal filed by the engineer Jin Kook Kim, attorney-in-fact for “Servicios de Ingeniería Eléctrica Hanumul, Sociedad Anónima, because there are differences in favor of the taxpayer with regard to registration of the Company.

While the Appeal filed by Lic. Ricardo Alfonso Barreto Power of Attorney of “Barreto Publicidad y Cia Ltda, the municipalities decided No place and a firm urban fine of 56 thousand 729 cordobas remains for installing a truss-type structure located at the intersection of Pista El Wholesale- Sabana Grande.

Likewise, they declared No Appeal Appeal of the engineer Néstor Martínez, attorney of the Newcom Nicaragua Company, and maintains a firm Cadastral Appraisal issued by the Municipal Cadastral Directorate and ratifies the payment of Real Estate Tax (IBI) for the years 2014 and 2015.

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