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Rehabilitated Community House in the María Auxiliadora neighborhood in District IV

To the rhythm of folk dances, a war band and with the joy of living in peace, the inhabitants of the María Auxiliadora neighborhood of District IV, together with the municipal authorities, inaugurated the renovation works of the communal house of this community.

Las obras fueron realizadas a través del Plan de Inversión Anual, con los objetivos de brindar un espacio acogedor y accesible a los protagonistas, así como promover el desarrollo comunitario.

With this project, the municipality benefited more than 3 thousand inhabitants, because in this space health days, fairs, veterinary days and celebrations are held on important dates, such as Children's Day, Joy Day, Mother's Day, activities with the Elderly, training and very soon trade schools will begin for entrepreneurs, as reported by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

Entre las obras realizadas están la instalación del techo y cielo raso, sistema eléctrico nuevo, aplicación de pintura, instalación de 3 puertas nuevas, instalación de inodoro, lavamanos y la construcción del muro perimetral.

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