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New road connection brings comfort to the inhabitants of the Arges Sequeira and Anexo Buena Vista neighborhoods of District III

After 29 years of waiting, it is a dream come true, to have beautiful and passable streets for the 395 families that live in the Arges Sequeira neighborhood, who inaugurated 3 new blocks together with the municipal authorities that were paved by the Streets for el Pueblo, on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 21, directly benefiting 2,173 inhabitants.

The project, which had an investment of 4 million 104 thousand córdobas, was inaugurated by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who shared with the protagonists of the project, that the streets are a new internal connection and with them, the program achieves an advance of 37.79 percent. hundred

“It joins the Arges Sequeira and Anexo Buena Vista neighborhoods, both located in District III, the Arges Sequeira neighborhood has a very particular topography, but from today families will begin to live more beautiful, busier and more comfortable, with these three streets we reached 387 new streets in Managua, a municipality, so far in 2023,” Armas said.

At the same time, he confirmed that this year the municipality, through Calles para el Pueblo, will build 46 new blocks in District III, investing a little more than 35 million córdobas.

Doña Kenia Contreras Soza, is one of the protagonists who feels the most happiness with the new streets, since her life for her and her family will change forever.

“I am happy as never before, because after 29 years I was able to see the streets, I thought I was going to die without seeing them, but thank God and Commander Daniel I was able to see them, these streets on this climb, for me who have a daughter with cerebral palsy, they are a miracle, because when we go to the doctor's office, the taxi, even though I paid him, did not want to go up and I had to go up with my chineada daughter and today thanks to these streets and taxis they take me to the door of the house ” said Contreras.

For the inhabitants of Arges Sequeira this 2023 is one of the best years, because the municipality benefited them with two simultaneous projects, one that was through Streets for the People and the other through the Annual Investment Plan, which was completed to execute a few days ago and consists of the construction of a ramp with hydraulic concrete, with an investment of one million córdobas. Both projects aim to eliminate vulnerable points, due to runoff in times of rain.

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