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Streets for the People begins construction of 5 blocks that will unite the Buena Vista and Alexis Argüello No.2 neighborhoods

Authorities of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, supervised on the morning of this Thursday, June 8, a road improvement project in the Alexis Argüello No. 2 neighborhood, located in District III of the capital.

During the visit, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales assured that the project is already in its final stage and has an investment of 2 million 400 thousand córdobas, "always with the Streets for the People Program directed by Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, Today we are seeing how the projects are progressing here in this area of the neighborhoods of District III. Here it is being done and that they will be available in the next few hours, 5 long streets ”.

With this project, the municipality continues to bring satisfaction and improvements to the families of the capital, because through these streets a new alternative route is being enabled that unites and benefits the Buena Vista, Lomas del Sur, Bertilda Obregario and Sierra Maestra neighborhoods.

This year, the Good Government through Streets for the People will build 46 new blocks in District III, investing 35 million 636 thousand 127 córdobas to expand the District's road network.

So far, the Streets for the People Program has progressed 34.22 percent, with 350 blocks served out of the 1,027 projected for this year, bringing well-being and security to all Managuas.

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