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Residents of the Camilo Ortega neighborhood enjoy 7 new blocks

Gone are the dirt streets for the inhabitants of the Camilo Ortega neighborhood in District III, who on the afternoon of this Thursday, April 20, together with the municipal authorities, inaugurated 7 blocks that bring well-being and security to more families in the capital.

"We are very happy in the Camilo Ortega neighborhood in District III and today our Good Government, through our Mayor's Office, has brought well-being to more than 6,900 leading brothers in this sector, through the delivery of this wonderful work", referred to the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, during the delivery of the work.

Likewise, the mayor of the capital stressed that this road improvement work through asphalt coating had an investment of 7 million 246 thousand 800 córdobas, "only in this sector we have invested more than 23 million córdobas from 2009 to date and we are advancing."

He also pointed out that the emblematic Streets for the People Program has an advance of 25.18 percent with 258.24 blocks completed, of the 1,027 projected for this 2023.

The families affirmed that the streets were impassable, as stated by the protagonist Isaid Bonilla, "terrible, pure mud, cars could not pass here, now we have good streets, they are beautiful, we thank Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario very much."

"Today it is a dream come true, because 50 years ago these streets were riverbed streets, where people traveled on land, thanks to our Good Government," said the protagonist Lucía Zúñiga.

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