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Comarca Jocote Dulce celebrates its paved streets

Happy and advancing every day with the Good Government works, expressed satisfied residents of the Jocote Dulce region, when inaugurating 1.4 new blocks of streets, through the 2021 Annual Investment Plan.

"We are happy, happy because now we are no longer going to suffer with the mud in the winter and the dust in the summer, it is progress and we are making progress with our Good Government," expressed the resident Karelia López.

This project to restore rights had an investment of 1 million 289 thousand 600 córdobas, a road improvement work that benefits 6 thousand inhabitants of this point of the Capital.

The work was inaugurated by the Secretary of the Municipal Council, Jennifer Porras, who announced that around two blocks of streets were executed, which are part of the Annual Investment Plan of the capital commune, “we are responding to a beautiful region of more than 600 families, to whom the right has been restored with these beautiful asphalt streets, in this District One ”.

This work of the common good offers excellent road traffic in this area of Managua, where caponiers and taxis enter this region daily. Likewise, it guarantees the good daily mobilization of the people who inhabit or visit this point of the Capital.

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