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First stage of the Hialeah neighborhood opens 3 paved streets

With their faces filled with joy, families from the first stage of the Hialeah neighborhood in District I, inaugurated 3 new streets, which were in their natural state, through the Streets for the People Program.

This road improvement work has an investment of 1 million 545 thousand 446 córdobas, benefiting 7 thousand 680 protagonists.

In this first stage, since 2011, two road improvement projects and drainage works have been carried out, with which it is possible to cover 11 blocks, some lined with hydraulic concrete and others with asphalt, with an investment that exceeds 7 million córdobas.

“Here there were horrible dusts, horrible mud, entering this neighborhood was very difficult, but it has been filled with new streets that come to change the lives of all the families, who today are very happy thanks to the Good Government led by the Commander Daniel ”, said the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales.

For her part, the Argentine resident Sánchez, said she was happy to have its beautiful and passable streets, “We are very happy, because now if the taxis are going to enter, before they did not enter and you could not even ride a bicycle, thank God and to the Good Government led by Commander Daniel comes to change the lives of those of us who live here ”.

This year with the support of the Central Government and the payment made by the taxpayers, 830 blocks will be served, that is the new goal proposed by the Municipality.

In 2021, through the Annual Investment Plan, 8 projects will be executed in District I, with an estimated investment amount of 26 million córdobas.

With the Annual Investment Plan, road improvement and storm drainage projects will be carried out in the Colinas del Memorial, Oscar Turcios and Hialeah neighborhood third stage, while mitigation works will be carried out in the San Isidro de la Cruz Verde and El Progreso districts with the construction of ramps.

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