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Motorcycles roar in Paseo Xolotlán to the delight of the managuas

This weekend the Extreme Track of Paseo Xolotlán, was the scene where 150 motorcycle riders of different cylinder sizes participated in the third stage of the National Speed Championship on gravel that took place this Sunday, April 26 and organized by the Federation Nicaraguan Motorcycling Association (FENIMOTO) in coordination with the Mayor's Office of Managua.

The opening remarks were given by the legend "El Rapidito" Javier Mairena and Pedro Campuzano.

"El Rapidito" told the competitors that these spaces for fun are possible thanks to the support of the government of Commander Daniel Ortega. "We hope they run well and we are all very close," he encouraged.

Noel González, Director of Sports for the Mayor's Office of Managua explained that every day the call for this sport gets stronger and stronger, it is not common for more than 100 motorcycle riders of different cylinder sizes to participate in motocross competition on land.

He added that the competitions were held in 16 categories. “We are happy to have more than 100 competitors in 16 categories in the tournament, we adapted the track for this event, since it was built for motocross, but now the moto-speed tournament is taking place on gravel, we have fellow hostesses and members of the National Police guarding the security areas ”.

The president of the Nicaraguan Motorcycle Federation (FENIMOTO) and the Nicaraguan Motorcycle Union (UNIMOTO) Luis Guerrero thanked the Mayor of Managua for the support it has been providing to sports motorcycling.

"Thanks to the mayors of the different municipalities of the country, we can organize events not only of motor speed on land, but we also do quarter-miles, circuits in the departments, it is an achievement that FENIMOTO has with respect to what motor speed is" .

At the same time, he explained that the movement has been growing "more people are being integrated, it is a family that is being formed by practically all the departments of the country, we have around 4 thousand runners registered in the various modalities" (quarter-mile, circuit , motocross and dirt).

In this Sunday's tournament in Managua, they ran in 16 “categories from the youngest to the most adult of 50 years.

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