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The Mayor's Office of Managua makes the general population aware that the information disclosed, through different media, on supposed statement where it announces cadastral visits for tax purposes, is totally false and malicious.

The municipality for more than 15 years, to carry out its annual cadastral evaluations and determine the Real Estate Tax (IBI), DOES NOT require house-to-house visits.

Home visits for cadastral evaluations, They are only carried out in cases where taxpayers do not agree with the issued cadastral evaluation and they are always carried out by mutual agreement, in order to review and confirm data.

Likewise, field visits are carried out in cases where there are new constructions or modifications to the house to confirm values.

The Mayor's Office of Managua makes notifications year after year, for the payment of the Real Estate Tax (IBI), through mail, delivering written notification to users; and to monitor the payment of this tribute.

We continue working to guarantee the well-being, security and tranquility of all the managuas.

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