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Cyclists for peace compete on Avenida Bolívar

More than 150 riders took to Bolívar Avenue this Sunday, December 9, to celebrate the peace that Nicaragua lives in the festivities in honor of the Immaculate Conception of Mary and the end of the year parties.

The cycling competition, the Second Classic for Peace, which was organized by the Nicaraguan Cycling Federation (FNC) and supported by the Managua Mayor's Office, began at 8 in the morning on Avenida de Bolívar a Chávez.

The banner of the competition in all categories, including children, was given by the Vice Mayor of Managua, comrade Enrique Armas, who specified that the support of the community was through the Sports Directorate.

The first phase of the competitions was carried out by children in the three categories, from 5 to 7 years old, from 8 to 10 years old and from 11 to 13 years old; the youngest of the house competed for the gold, bronze and silver medals.

The cycling competition took off with the smallest children from 5 to 7 years old, where the youngest (Mario Padilla) stood out, who despite not having finished in first place, reached the finish line.

This boy is the son of an experienced cyclist José Ángel Padilla, who has been training him in this sport. The two oldest sons of the experienced cyclist also competed in the junior category.

“This morning we are celebrating the victory of living in peace and all the triumphs that the athletes achieved this weekend, we have two international boxing champions with the Alvarado Twin in California, Melvin López, a boxer from the Boxing Academy of the Mayor's Office of Managua was also crowned champion, the children's baseball team that won the Pan American Championship in Honduras. It is a weekend full of honor and glory for our country and that can only be achieved with the unquestionable support that Comandante Daniel and Compañera Rosario have given to the sport ”.

In the second phase, the youth and open categories competed, riders from Managua, Estelí, Rivas, Chinandega, Matagalpa, along with riders from Italy, Colombia and Honduras, covered 2.6 kilometers.

The competitions were held in a closed circuit of 400 meters between the Hugo Chávez roundabout and the Casa del Café, according to the disposition of the Nicaraguan Cycling Federation, which has had a lot of sporting activity.

Armas also made reference to other sports activities that are being carried out with the support of the commune, among them the Flacos Explosivos of the Mayor's Office of Managua winning the semifinal of amateur boxing in the Alexis Argüello cup, as well as soccer competitions in Estelí , among other.

The president of the Nicaraguan Cycling Federation, Yader Grijalva, said that the event "we started last Sunday with a route and today we are celebrating (with the competition) the festivities of the Virgin Mary."

He explained that this Sunday they competed with five categories for boys and girls, because "this is the seedbed and for that reason the federation is supporting them."

The president of the FNC highlighted the enormous support "that we have received from the Mayors of Managua, Mateare, Nagarote, the Nicaraguan Institute of Sports, the Nicaraguan Olympic Committee in this activity called Classic for Peace."

Around 50 children participated in this Sunday's competition and announced the Christmas race for children that will take place on December 23 on the north boulevard of Bello Horizonte.

He announced that the final of this competition is scheduled for December 16 in Nagarote.

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