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What is?

It is the authorization granted by the Urban Planning Department through the Single Window of Construction (VUC), to start the construction works.

Where to go?

The request for this service can be made at the Single Window for Construction (VUC), located in the Civic Center Module "I".


This procedure, in turn, contains 4 stages, which are the following:

Proof of land use

It consists of providing urban information on a specific plot of land. Which serves to initiate the procedures for obtaining the construction permit and also to obtain technical information to carry out the proof of a plot of land.

  • Land Use Certificate Request Form, which must be filled out by the user.
  • Power of Legal Representation of the Project Owners, through public deed; It is excepted in the case of single-family homes, who may do so by a simple Power of Attorney (if the case warrants it).
  • Payment of the Service Fee in accordance with the Payment Order issued by the VUC. If the CUS is denied, the payment made is non-refundable, and in the event of rectification, updating and replacement, the service fee must be paid again.
Preliminary draft

This service consists of issuing an approval for the development of an urbanization, understood by urbanization as the subdivision of land and the construction of infrastructures, equipment and other buildings, for the purpose of transfer of ownership (purchase-sale, donation, etc.) .

  • Two (2) Sets of Plans of the Preliminary Project for the construction to be developed in Format A-1, duly signed and stamped by the owner and the designer with their current MTI operating license.
  • Geological Fault Study endorsed by INETER or any other study specified by the CUS.
  • Municipal Environmental Guarantee.
  • Endorsement or Certificate issued by other institutions specified by the CUS.
  • Payment of the Fee for Services.
Project review


  • Two (2) sets of construction plans in physical A-1 format, duly signed and stamped by the owner and the specialists with their current MTI operating license and a digital copy thereof.
  • Infiltration, Geotechnical or any other studies that are required, duly signed and stamped by the representative of the company that prepares it and with its corresponding guarantees.
  • Calculation Memories, signed and sealed by each of the specialists (Structural, storm drainage, mechanical, Road (pavement thickness) and other specials).
  • Total budget for the work broken down by: stages, materials, unit costs, labor, administration and direct and indirect utilities signed by the Budgeter and approval from the owner of the work.
  • Copy of Plans approved by ENACAL, UNION FENOSA and the General Directorate of Firefighters of Nicaragua (DGBN).
  • In the case of Condominiums, present a deed of incorporation.
  • Payment of the Fee for Services.
Building permit
  • Copy of Official Cash Receipt for payment of supervision and construction tax.
  • Municipal solvency of the project owner and construction company.
  • Registration and RUC ID of the construction company.
  • Payment of the supervision fee
    • Urbanizations (Monthly Payment)C$2,000
    • Buildings from 1 m² to 100 m² C$1 / m²
    • Buildings from 101 m² to 200 m² C$2 / m²
    • Buildings from 201 m² to 1,000 m² C$3 / m²
    • Buildings of 1,001 m² or more. C$4 / m²
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