Hours: Mon to Fri from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sat from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

What is?

It consists of cadastral inspection of your residential or commercial real estate, for its municipal cadastral valuation, necessary for the payment of the Real Estate Tax (IBI) and / or municipal solvency.

It serves to exercise its municipal tax payment on the Real Estate Tax (IBI), which contributes to the integral maintenance of the infrastructure and public services of the capital city, at the same time it gives the taxpayer or owner the right to obtain their municipal solvency.

It must be done at the time you acquire the Property, in any period of the taxable year, and preferably make the Payment of the IBI (Real Property Tax) in the I quarter of the year after the taxable year, to obtain the 10% discount.

Where to go?

The request for this service is made directly at the Civic Center, Module “F”, in the building of the Central Collection Fund, the Taxpayer Cadastral Technical Attention Office of the IBI.

The hours of operation are from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, without closing at noon.


  • Photocopy of the deed or property title.
  • Updated cadastral certificate.
  • Topographic plan approved by INETER.
  • Original and copy of the identity card.
  • Copy of the old-age retiree card and proof of INSS (when the owner is retired).
  • Tax address and telephone number for the annual delivery of your notification.
  • Pay before the 50% of the IBI notified.
  • Payment of the service fee
    • C$260 as advance registration fee (legal entity)
    • 1% of its capital stock, in accordance with the articles of incorporation and based on Art. 11 of the PAV (natural person).
    • C$260 Municipal solvency or ballot no. taxpayer
    • C$260 Enrollment for accounting records.


If the Appraisal is already registered in our Databases, the service can be of immediate resolution or during the day, otherwise you will have to undergo a complete process to register it in our Cadastral Systems, in a maximum regulated time of 8 business days, as long as the case does not present complications due to the documentation presented.

For the payment of the 50% of the notified IBI, the requests for Discharge of the notified IBI are excepted, either by transfer of the Owner or because it has never belonged to him, it also does not include the Owners Retired by Old Age.

What do you need?