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Streets for the People benefit thousands of inhabitants of the Laureles Sur neighborhood

With a cultural afternoon filled with folk dances, the inhabitants of the Laureles Sur neighborhood of District VII, inaugurated a new project of the Streets for the People Program, which benefits 1,670 Families, with this delivery to the community the program achieves a progress of 29 percent with 411 blocks served, as reported by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

"Today we are practically delivering 5 very long blocks, 8 by length, by size, with an investment of more than 3.5 million córdobas, which give more comfort, more security, which gives better access routes to the colleagues who live here ”said Armas.

At the same time, he shared with the protagonists that, this year, Streets for the People will build 56 more new blocks, in 9 neighborhoods of District VII.

Lina Mairena has lived in Laureles Sur for 25 years and she, along with the community of her neighborhood, will celebrate the new paved streets with a party next Saturday.

“This street is going to change our lives tremendously, because it was a channeled street, because of the rains we couldn't go out to shop, the population is happy thanks to our Good Government and our Mayor's Office, who came and gave us the great joy of making this street, for us it is one more victory,” said Mairena.

From 2015 to date, the Good Government has made an investment of 9 million 115 thousand 613 córdobas, in this point of the capital, with the execution of road, storm drainage and mitigation projects, which directly benefit 6 1,840 inhabitants.

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