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Neighborhood protagonist Carlos Fonseca Amador happily receives the keys to his new home

Doña Estela del Socorro Gaitán López, 68 years old, is the new protagonist of a safe and decent home. On the afternoon of January 19, she received the keys to her completely restored house, in the Carlos Fonseca Amador neighborhood, with tears in her eyes. , from District V of Managua.

"I feel very happy and excited to have received my little house, the President fulfilled my wish by ordering me to build my little house the way I wanted it," the protagonist expressed excitedly, recounting that for years she lived in difficult conditions in her old home, built of zinc sheets.

Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Council of Managua, formally handed over this house where 6 people, 3 adults and 3 children will live, "for us the tears and accompanying Mrs. Estela is the satisfaction and seeing reflected that effort and that priority that our Comandante Daniel and Compañera Rosario promote every day, through their strategies, their plans, their programs, their projects”, stated Porras.

Likewise, the Secretary announced that since 2009, when this love and solidarity program reached the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood, 22 houses have been built for the same number of beneficiary families.

He recalled that this program has transcended beyond Managua, to restore the rights of families at the national level.

Similarly, the Secretary of the Capital Council shared that the Municipality in 13 years has invested more than 5 million córdobas in the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood, for the development of road infrastructure, the improvement of dirt roads, gutters, sidewalks and a pedestrian bridge, “with a lot of commitment, we also continue in this year 2022, with an investment of more than 30 million córdobas, with 19 projects that we are going to be executing, 5 of them that are major works and 14 that are going to be executed with maintenance works, minor works, which also continue to promote the development of this District V, for the improvement of the families of this capital”.

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