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Residents of the Casimiro Sotelo neighborhood have 5 paved streets

The families of the Casimiro Sotelo neighborhood celebrated with great joy the construction of 5.2 new blocks, which were executed through the Calles para el Pueblo Program. The new paved streets had an investment of 2,735,100 córdobas and directly benefit 2,587 protagonists (674 families).

With the delivery of this work, the progress of this program to date is 85 percent, for a total of 1,062 blocks completed.

The work was inaugurated by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who announced that the development of the works continues for the benefit of families in the capital.

“Thank God we are making progress, in meeting each of the demands that each of the neighborhoods of the different districts have had, we are in the Casimiro Sotelo neighborhood, practically in each of the districts we are finalizing our Investment Plan , especially in Calles para el Pueblo, we initially had a goal this year of 830, but thanks to the Central Government that allocated more resources to this program, which is so important for families, this year we are serving 1,242 blocks, we only need 180 blocks to finish”, said Rueda.

The residents were satisfied with the improvement of their streets and thanked the Good Government, because after several years, now if progress has come to their community, "beautiful, we waited for that for a long time, but now its day has come, I I am a founder of the neighborhood, I worked when this neighborhood began, here there was no water, electricity, look now, we have water, electricity, streets, houses that the government has built, many people who had their houses fallen down”, said the protagonist María Verónica Vargas Massis.

Don Juan José Rodríguez, a resident of this neighborhood, also thanked God and the authorities of the central and municipal government for his new streets, "we thank them for these streets that are very good, beautiful, so that our children can now run, walk on their bicycles, in this neighborhood we are overcoming little by little and we are emerging with our Good Government”.

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