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Mayor Presents Second Reform to the General Budget of Income and Expenditures

In the Extraordinary Session number 30, comrade Daysi Torres Bosques, Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua presented to the Honorable Council of Managua the second reform to the General Budget of Income and Expenditure of the Capital Commune.

In this presentation, the Mayor of Managua announced that the total projected income is quantified in 4 thousand 697 million 668 thousand 216 Córdobas, with an increase of 77 million 382 thousand 272 Córdobas, in relation to the amount projected in the first modification of the budget which was 4,620 million 285 thousand 944 Córdobas.

Likewise, in this second reform to the general budget of income and expenses, the resources from the management of external cooperation and those remitted from the municipal transfers, by the Good Government are incorporated.

Después de la presentación realizada por la Alcaldesa capitalina, el Honorable Concejo de Managua envió a la Comisión Especial de Presupuesto la propuesta de la segunda modificación, para que esta lo analice y brinde un dictamen en la próxima sesión del Concejo.[vc_images_carousel images=”7026,7027″ img_size=”large”]

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