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Municipality committed to the environment in a reforestation day

Contributing to the care and conservation of Mother Earth, the Mayor's Office of Managua, through the Environment Directorate, carried out a new reforestation day in the Las Viudas region in District I, where 600 trees of different forest species were planted. contributing to the mitigation of climate change.

This day was developed with the participation of young environmentalists and university students from UNAN-Managua, who expressed their commitment to preserving natural resources.

“An important commitment for us as young university students and the population in general, to take care of our environment, because we help it remain stable,” said Fabián Cáceres, a student majoring in Environmental Management.

For his part, Henry Orozco, environmental technician of the commune, expressed that this reforestation is part of the adaptation to climate change project in the South Basin of Lake Managua, which is being developed by the Managua Mayor's Office to protect Mother Earth.

“This project consists of soil conservation works, we are looking at what reforestation is, what we do here, creating a cushion in the South Basin, especially the Tiscapa micro-basin, to avoid all surface runoff,” Orozco shared.

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