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Merchants from the Israel Lewites market will operate normally this September 14 and 15

Promotions, discounts and a large influx of the population were observed on the morning of this Wednesday, September 13, during a tour carried out in the popular shopping center, Israel Lewites.

This visit was attended by the Vice Mayor of the capital, Enrique Armas Rosales, who together with the Association of Merchants confirmed the supply of the products and the visit of families from the different municipalities of the country.

"We are on the dates of our national holidays and in this Israel Lewites market we have a lot of movement from buyers, we are going at a good pace in sales, these days there are quite a few sales of school uniforms, shirts, shoes and bands that the boys use to the parades,” Armas reported.

The mayor of the capital highlighted that there are traditional access roads that make it easier for the population and merchants to visit and make purchases in this populous market and once again reiterated that access on the track is closed due to the construction of the mega project. , San Juan Pablo II Track.

Irene Alvarado, a merchant in the seafood sector, announced that this September 14 and 15 they will serve families normally, "the fish is quite cheap, for example the snapper is 100 córdobas per pound, of this snapper we have fillet at 150, we have curvina fillets at 140 and we have white fillet at 120, we have red snapper at 100 per pound and red snapper at 140 and pounds at 150 córdobas.”

This popular shopping center was founded on October 17, 1979 and is one of the most visited by Nicaraguan families. In this market, municipal authorities have carried out various projects, improving the safety of merchants and buyers, such as construction of the Los Mariscos Galerón, where gutters with their respective plates were installed, improving the evacuation of wastewater and guaranteeing greater hygiene in the sector.

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