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Barrio Jonathan González has 100 percent of its paved streets

The 2,394 families of the Jonathan González neighborhood in District I were happy with the asphalt coating of 125 linear meters of blocks, delivered by the municipality, through the Streets for the People Program, on the afternoon of this Friday, June 23 .

With this project, the Jonathan Gonzáles neighborhood reaches 100 percent of its paved streets, which means that 49 blocks were serviced in the last 13 years, as Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales announced during the inauguration.

“A neighborhood that has changed radically, one of the neighborhoods that has made the most progress under the Government of Commander Daniel, a neighborhood that has the luxury of having 49 new streets in the last 13 years, a neighborhood in which the Government of Commander Daniel has delivered 54 decent homes to families that needed it,” reported Armas.

The work that brings security to the inhabitants, had an investment of 900,000 córdobas and with these streets delivered, the emblematic program advances with 37.8 percent, which means 388 attended blocks of the 1,027 to be delivered this year only in the capital.

Sergio Pereira, 15 years old, thanked God for this work that means a lot of well-being for him and his friends.

“We are no longer going to play in the mud, we are not going to get dirty in the dirt, we are going to be able to play better, here we play soccer, volleyball and sometimes basketball, the streets were very dirty, muddy, there were many stones, sometimes we we fell and scraped our knees,” Pereira said.

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