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Inhabitants of the Germán Pomares neighborhood already enjoy 6 new streets

A great achievement came to the community of the Germán Pomares neighborhood, located in District V, when it received from the municipality the asphalt coating of 6 blocks, which today are a reality thanks to the Streets for the People Program.

During the inauguration ceremony, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado indicated that this road improvement work will benefit 3,893 inhabitants and had an investment of 5,400,000 córdobas, which improves conditions for 556 families, who have also received improvement projects. storm drain and sanitary sewer.

"Restoring the right to transit safely and well-being through these streets, the commitment is to continue, we have already made significant progress in the Streets for the People Program with 25.18 percent, which represents 258 new streets for the families of our municipality, there are really 1,027 that we have scheduled for this year, with an investment of more than 2 billion córdobas,” reported Rueda.

Likewise, he shared that in this District V this emblematic program in its first stage will invest a little more than 29 million córdobas, in the construction of 53 blocks in 8 neighborhoods, benefiting 22 thousand protagonists.

The residents of the Germán Pomares neighborhood feel calm and happy with their new streets, "we are no longer going to get muddy, the water was getting into my house, now thanks to God, our Commander and Compañera Rosario, we are fine now", expressed the protagonist Alba Luquez.

Don William Solórzano, classified the streets as excellent, "I remember ten years ago, these streets were bad, but we had the faith that the Mayor's Office with the management of the neighborhood leaders would make it a reality, very good, the population is very happy, This has totally changed, it already looks like a neighborhood and not a neighborhood, the value of homes will even increase because of the paved streets”.

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