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Parque Las Madres will open its doors at the beginning of March

Capital families will be able to enjoy the new Las Madres park in the first days of March; the reconstruction of the park is 80 percent complete and in its new design, in addition to the playgrounds for children, it will have an additional natural medicine center that will provide specialized care.

In a tour of the construction works, the Secretary General of the commune, Fidel Moreno, explained that the reconstruction of the park was done in two stages, in the first one invested a million córdobas and in the second phase 23 million approved by the Capital Council.

“Las Madres park has an area of 11 thousand square meters, in its new design it has four entrances, nine playgrounds were installed, four kiosks were built for the sale of food, a parking lot for 55 vehicles, the internet service will be free and the entire lighting system was rebuilt ”.

Moreno explained that the new Las Madres park will have a natural medicine center that will offer specialized medical care to the residents starting in August and that the park will preserve the monument to Las Madres.

“En este nuevo diseño hemos incorporado un edificio nuevo donde funcionará un centro de medicina natural que estará listo en agosto, el parque tendrá vigilancia las 24 horas para garantizar a las familias que lo visiten seguridad; en esta remodelación se incorporó juegos totalmente modernos y se preservó el monumento a Las Madres y la Virgen María que acompaña a las madres, las obras terminarán a finales de febrero y a inicio de marzo podrá ser inaugurado”.[vc_images_carousel images=”7702,7703,7704,7705,7706,7707,7708,7709,7710,7711,7712,7713″ img_size=”large”]

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