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July 21, 2021

Bell tower of peace

Since July 19, 2020, the Bell Tower of Peace chimes the hope, dreams and wishes of Nicaraguan families.

This historic work is located on Avenida de Bolívar a Chávez and is part of the recovery project of the historic center of the Capital and of the integral tourist route, which among its attractions offers the Plaza 22 de Agosto, El Puente and the Monument to Peace and the new Bell Tower.

Execution period

The structure measures 20 meters high and has a bronze bell in the center that weighs almost 8 thousand pounds (76 quintals), with a height of 1.70 meters, it was manufactured by a company of Dutch origin, which has been working in this field since 1862 and is the same one that made the bell of the cathedral of Managua and León.

This new Bell that bears the legend "Always beyond ... as brothers and sisters I will touch the hours for my Homeland Nicaragua", has an automated system that with a ring, announces the hours and every half hour of the day and in a special way, the Angelus hours at 6:00 in the morning, 12:00 noon and 6:00 in the afternoon.

The sound of the Bell of Peace can reach 2 to 3 kilometers, depending on how strong the wind is moving. From the central part of the bell to a radius of 500 meters, the sound is heard in any direction.

This Bell Tower is built in a key place in the Capital city and is an icon that pays homage to peace, a genuine desire of all Nicaraguans.

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