City foundation

Managua was elevated to a city by Legislative Law of July 24, 1846 issued by the National Constituent Assembly of the State of Nicaragua.


Government transfer

During the interim command of 53 days, Senator Mr. Fulgencio Vega signed in the city of Granada, on February 5, 1852, the Decree that ordered the transfer of the government to the city of Managua Capital of the State "for being the place of the ordinary residence of the government ”, from that date Managua was legally constituted Capital of State


Managua erected

It was until February 25, 1875 that President Pedro Joaquín Chamorro erected the Department of Managua, obviating the departmental limits in the Decree because the nature of this was electoral in nature.


Article 1

Article 1 of the Decree says: "The electoral District of Managua is established as a Department ...". It was not until 1995 by means of a law of the Republic that the official limits of all the municipalities of the Department of Managua were established for the first time.

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