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The Good Government of the Mayor's Office of Managua, whose foundation is based on the Christian, Socialist and Solidarity model, committed to the citizens of the Capital City, which works tirelessly to make their aspirations, dreams and hopes come true, which materializes them through the development of municipal plans, programs and projects that promote the prosperity of Managua, contained in this Institutional Strategic Plan 2023-2028, whose central objective is to strengthen institutional capacity, to provide and improve the quality of public service and contribute to well-being and the happiness of the families of Managua, improving their living conditions in a framework of equality and equity.

This document begins with the institutional identity, which guides the Mission of the municipality, then presents the strategic processes that will be carried out in the medium term when the Vision is realized; The institutional values are also presented, which is an ethical and moral framework that guides decision-making and actions, promoting trust and efficiency.

Strategic Axes, Strategic Lines and Objectives are consecutively described, with their respective actions that correspond to programs and projects, which will be developed in the six-year period; The financial projection established in the Financial Economic Plan is presented, which supports all actions and finally the execution period and the responsible areas are included. 

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