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Modern, organized, transparent, efficient and effective institutional management, with quality services in favor of development and the common good in joint efforts with citizens.


LE1: Institutional management: Aimed at strengthening institutional capacity, technological innovation, control of financial and economic resources and strengthening alliances, in favor of sustainable local development, with a metropolitan vision.

          OE1: Strengthen the installed capacity in a comprehensive manner for the modernization of services and citizen attention with quality and warmth.

          OE2: Strengthen the comprehensive development of the municipality, through the effective use of external assistance and cooperation.

          OE3: Guarantee financial administration with probity and transparency that allows for an increase in investments in programs and services for citizens.

LE2: Citizen Participation: Oriented towards dialogue, cooperation and complementarity in decision-making and the development of programs and projects.

          OE4: Guarantee municipal management with effective, inclusive and equitable participation of the population.

Sustainable growth, balanced in harmony with the municipal space and with infrastructure resilient to climate change; equipped with a modern transportation system and innovative equipment, which responds to the needs of the population.


LE3: Physical spatial arrangement: Oriented towards planning, management, administration and integration of the territory.

          OE5: Promote the efficient use of the territory, for the socioeconomic development of the municipality.

LE4: Infrastructure and Equipment: Focused on the modernization and resilience of infrastructure and equipment.

          OE6: Guarantee efficient and resilient infrastructure systems that contribute to the security and mobility of citizens.

          OE7: Provide spaces, buildings, works and a functional transportation system that allow cohesion and social well-being.

In full exercise of social, cultural, recreational and gender rights, among others, in consolidated spaces where people can develop their maximum potential, contribute to the common good and enjoy an adequate quality of life, with fair and equitable societies, where the well-being of each individual is valued and promoted.


LE5: Values and common well-being: Oriented towards the construction of values and knowledge in citizens, with greater emphasis on children, young people and women outside and within the educational system.

          OE8: Provide knowledge to the population as a means to prosperity and well-being.

          OE9: Raise awareness in the community about socioeconomic and rights issues to promote informed and responsible decision making.

          OE10: Contribute to the cultural growth of citizens and the community, promoting art and artistic education in all its expressions.

LE6: Restitution of Rights: Aimed at establishing a dignified life and progressive well-being with redistributive and solidarity logic.

          OE11: Improve the quality of life, facilitating access to the minimum and complementary rights of citizens.

With a comprehensive approach that ranges from key environmental conservation to the adoption of sustainable technologies and the promotion of eco-friendly behaviors and environmental awareness, through education and raising awareness among the population about the importance of taking care of our environment, where human prosperity is harmoniously integrated with respect and conservation of nature.


LE7: Environmental sustainability and adaptation to climate change: Aimed at safeguarding natural ecosystems and Biodiversity in harmony with the development of the municipality.

          OE12: Protect the environmental environment of the municipality for the survival and well-being of citizens.

          OE13: Create the conditions to adapt the territory to the effects of Climate Change and protect families.

LE8: Circular economy and solid waste: Oriented towards dialogue, cooperation and complementarity in decision-making and the development of programs and projects.

          OE14: Promote green actions to reduce environmental pollution in the territory.

Promote healthy, prosperous and inclusive economies, by actively supporting local entrepreneurs, creative cultural industries and small and medium-sized businesses, generating a virtuous cycle that positively impacts job creation, the circulation of resources within the community and the consolidation of a growing economic base.


LE9: Dynamization of the Local Economy: Aimed at improving the quality of goods and services offered to consumers, as well as the quality of life of entrepreneurial families that lead to the activation and strengthening of the economic development of the territory.

          OE15: Promote the sustainable development of businesses and creative endeavors that contribute to the dynamism of the economy in the capital.

          OE16: Promote tourism development that highlights the cultural, historical, artistic, recreational and gastronomic wealth of the city.

          OE17: Promote innovation and technological development in creative industries that contribute to the creation of new products to meet the needs of consumers.

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