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Lanzamiento del Curso de Técnicas de Fotografía Móvil

La Casa de Cultura y Creatividad Hugo Hernández Oviedo de la Alcaldía del Poder...

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Escuelas de Oficio certifican a 180 protagonistas de los distritos de Managua

La mañana de este martes 28 de mayo, la Alcaldía de Managua a través de las...

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Sports academies carry out reforestation day in front of Ciudad Belén and Villa de Santiago

Con el lema “Adoptemos un Árbol”, más de 150 jóvenes que pertenecen a las...

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Municipality committed to the environment in a reforestation day

Contribuyendo al cuido y conservación de la Madre Tierra, la Alcaldía de Managua,...

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Managua Mayor's Office and the city of Minsk strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation

Celebrating 30 years of diplomatic relations between Nicaragua and brother...

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Extreme Skateboarding competitions return

The Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores park was the scene of the start of the Games...

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Municipality offers concert in tribute to Don Otto de la Rocha

Paying tribute to Don Otto de la Rocha, on the IV anniversary of his passing to another...

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Managua holds the “Sandino, inspiration of childhood” Painting Contest

An afternoon full of artistic talent was what teachers and parents of...

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Decent Housing benefits Madre Abnegada from the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood

Mrs. Jacqueline Montoya Orozco and her son, residents of the Jorge neighborhood...

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Merchants in the Eastern market maintain offers and promotions for Mom's gift

Like every week and in permanent communication with merchants, this Friday...

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