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Comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, has a degree in Business Administration, graduated from the Central American University (UCA) of Managua, Nicaragua.

In 2009, she was elected as the councilor who owns the Sandinista bench of the Managua Municipal Council, from where she accompanied different actions related to the development of the capital. In that same year, she assumed as vice mayor of Managua, becoming this municipality one of the many in Nicaragua, having two women in high political positions, the mayor and the vice mayor. In her tenure as vice mayor, she contributed to the strengthening of cooperative relations between the Managua Mayor's Office and multilateral cooperation agencies such as UNDP, UNFPA, FAO, as well as friendly countries, such as Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain, among others.

In the building period 2013 - 2017, she is the Secretary of the Municipal Council of Managua. In this position he continued to strengthen his experience in municipal management, elaboration of ordinances and work plans for the benefit of the population. Likewise, he was part of the executive committees of important projects such as "Master Plan for Urban Development of the Municipality of Managua" with technical support from JICA; "Strategic Plan in Disaster Risk Management for the Sustainability and Development of Managua" with the technical support of the World Bank. Due to the accumulated experience and thanks to popular acceptance, she was elected as mayor of the municipality of Managua for the current period that began in 2018.

 Currently, Mayor Reyna Rueda leads the "Bismarck Martínez Social Interest Housing Construction Program" in Managua, through which the right of access to decent housing has been restored to people with low incomes. Another project of great magnitude and importance that she has also begun in her term as mayor is the project for the Expansion of the Juan Pablo II Highway that crosses Managua from east to west.

His academic training also includes Entrepreneurship and Leadership; Administrative and Financial Management of Local Governments.

 Partner Enrique José Armas Rosales

From 2009 to 2012 he was Secretary of the Municipal Council and from 2013 to the present he is Vice Mayor of Managua.

In 2014, he began to lead the projects and programs that promote and facilitate free access to sport for both children and young people in the capital. As a result of his work, to date, 2,460 athletes have been recruited in 35 municipal academies distributed throughout 13 sports disciplines.

While at the national level, it coordinates 7 sporting events, including: the National Swimming Championship, the "Carlos Ulloa in Memorian" Tournament, the Superior Basketball League, the U9 and U11 National Soccer Championship, the National Children's Baseball Championship, the Alexis Arg Boxing Cuporthis with the Flacos Explosivos team of the Managua Mayor's Office and the first division Volleyball League in the female and male categories.

He currently coordinates the tourism promotion of the capital as President of the Tourism Cabinet of the Municipality and of the Department of Managua, presiding over both cabinets.

His academic training also includes: Sports Journalist with 45 years of experience in Radio and Television, being awarded 7 times as the best sports writer of the year in Nicaragua.

Winner of the Abelardo Raidi International Sports Journalism Award from the International Sports Press Association and winner of the Best Boxing Journalist of Central America Award from the World Boxing Organization.

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