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Offers and Discounts to celebrate Dad in a big way on his Day

Merchants from the municipal markets of Managua invited Nicaraguan families to purchase Dad's gift in these shopping centers, which offer them discounts on all items for Father's Day.

The announcement was made from the Carlos Roberto Huembes market, during the usual visit that the building authorities make to the merchants; which was headed by colleague Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, who spoke with the merchants about the progress of the projects that will be carried out in the 8 markets.

“We are doing a daily tour to verify on site all the progress that is being developed through our Investment Plan in the markets of Managua and we have seen how this Sandinista Government has been concerned not only about security, but in improving the conditions in which our merchants work, as we are on the eve of the celebration of Father's Day, we do this tour in tribute to all the Nicaraguan fathers who, from now on, the families have been preparing, the children, the mothers , the wives and being able to celebrate with the family,” said Porras.

Likewise, he announced the works and investments in this populous market, which this year reach 10 million córdobas, to improve the working conditions of merchants and visitors.

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