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Residents of the San Cristóbal neighborhood pay attention to the Eco Móvil unit to exchange their solid waste

The residents of the San Cristóbal neighborhood located in District IV, overflowed to exchange their recyclable waste for vouchers in the Eco Móvil truck, which is a special unit that collects recyclable household garbage, with the vouchers, the protagonists will be participating in a appliance raffle.

In this first phase, Eco Móvil will reach the 32 neighborhoods in District IV, through the Environmental Campaign “Clean City, Capital of All”, executed by the municipality to form a culture and environmental responsibility in citizens in favor of defense of the environment and all natural resources, as reported by the Secretary of the Municipal Council, Jennifer Porras López, during the stay of the environmental brigade at this point in the capital, on the morning of Thursday, June 13.

“It gives us the opportunity to visit house to house, with our families, with our children and older adults and to be able to explain to them the importance of being able to properly manage the solid waste that leaves our homes and that is one of the objectives.” , that we know that we have waste that has a lot of value and can be used again,” Porras shared.

The launch of the campaign took place on June 5 in commemoration of World Environment Day. With this new strategy, the municipality will visit all the neighborhoods of the capital once a month, so that citizens can exchange their recyclable solid waste such as cardboard. , paper, gallons, plastic bottles, cans, polypropylene plastic and tetra pack for coupons, to participate in a raffle for household appliances, which will be held on Wednesdays, every 15 days on Managua TV, in the Program “Al Día con la Alcaldía ”.

The resident Ada Rosa Hernández Acuña was one of the protagonists who exchanged her waste; she has the habit of saving everything that is recyclable. “This way we prevent the streets from flooding due to all the garbage that is thrown out and then remains stuck in the gutters, this way we try to keep the yards clean and we get rid of what is not useful to us, but is useful to other people.”

“It seems good to me, because we deposit what is no longer used at home, we also help the environment and we have a well-organized house without mosquitoes,” said Ada Luz Villalta, who has lived in the neighborhood for 40 years.

Soon the commune will inform through its different social networks, the programming of the neighborhoods that will be visited, all citizens will be able to receive a coupon for every 10 plastic bottles, or for 1 pound of paper, or 5 gallons, 1 pound of polypropylene plastic, 1 pound of cardboard or 5 cans, the more recyclable waste they carry, the more coupons they will receive, in this way Good Government rewards small gestures with great rewards.

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