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Lolita Soriano Museum, scene of the Expo “Our Cultural Identity”

Promoting art and cultural identity, municipal authorities with the support of the Institute of Cultures of Peoples and Youth, inaugurated on the afternoon of this Thursday, June 6, the Expo “Our Cultural Identity”, which consists of families getting to know the history of the municipality of Nindirí “The Land of Tenderí”.

The inauguration was accompanied by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who pointed out that the activity is an exhibition with beautiful images full of history and culture of the ancestors of this small municipality.

“These works will not only be admired by the colleagues who live here in Managua, but also by the brothers who reside in León, the brothers from Estelí, the exhibitor told us that this exhibition closes in the department of Masaya and the municipality of Nindirí "These are brilliant opportunities that we Nicaraguans have to enjoy the works of our artists," said Armas.

For his part, the Plastic Artist Jesús Chu Castro, expressed how important it is to demonstrate natural and cultural wealth, something that every painter must develop as a work of art.

“It has been a challenge to group together 35 paintings where our history is reflected through the legends, characters, and traditions of our municipality of Nindirí. I try to make known the strength that characterizes us, our own culture as Nicaraguans, the colors are "It shows us joy and tranquility," said the artist Jesús Castro..

Each of the artistic works will be exhibited by this great plastic expert, starting this Thursday, June 6th until June 22nd, completely free of charge.

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