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Municipal government intensifies efforts in the construction of more new streets in the capital

Inhabitants of the Los Chagüites neighborhood, located in the coastal area of Managua in District VI, will soon inaugurate the asphalt coating of 3.36 new streets, built through the Streets for the People Program.

During the supervision visit, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales shared that the infrastructure work has an investment of 5 million 452 thousand 312 córdobas, directly benefiting 334 inhabitants, many of whom traveled along this completely deteriorated road, especially during the winter season.

"The Mayor's Office of the capital city, by instructions from the Government of Commander Daniel, continues to carry out road improvement works in the area, we are already finishing today, in the afternoon all this work is ready, it is complete, 3 new streets that go to benefit the access of the residents, this will also benefit the colleagues of the motorcycles, the caponeras, the collective and selective transport that also circulates in this area," stated the mayor of the capital.

Likewise, he pointed out that in this sector road improvement works, construction of ditches and platforms, and storm drainage works have been carried out, which have brought tranquility and security to a total of 2,332 residents, "with these 3 new streets, we have already reached a 31.33 percent progress in the Streets for the People Program, we reached 444 streets built in this year 2024, of the 1,417 that we are going to build.”

This work has filled with joy and satisfaction the families who, for more than 40 years, waited to see progress in their community, where they will now be able to go out and market their crops without problems, as stated by the protagonist Francisco José Ñaméndiz.

“Now it is going to look very beautiful, something that we never expected, ever, until now that it looks pretty, it is going to look very fabulous, congratulations to all of us who are here, everything that you plant there, what you do, everything is out here, we are planting corn, cassava, squash, pipián and bananas,” said Ñaméndiz.

The Municipality, with the 2024 Annual Investment Plan in District VI, will have an investment of 45 million 912 thousand 300 córdobas, in the execution of 24 road improvement projects, storm drainage and the construction of a vehicular bridge, which include more than 15 neighborhoods.

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