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The XI Alexis Argüello Boxing Cup takes off in Managua

From the Róger Deshon gym, the 11th edition of the Alexis Argüello Cup began this June 1, a boxing event that will take place nationwide, for a period of 6 months, with the aim of promoting this sport in new generations.

The 11th edition of this cup started with a boxing evening consisting of 14 amateur boxing matches, of which 5 were female, between the team Los Flacos Explosivos de Managua and Los Caciques de Carazo.

A pleasant meeting where the Los Flacos Explosivos team will participate, as part of the commitment of Good Government in the promotion of sports, highlighted Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

“They have been champions of this Alexis Argüello Cup 5 times, boys from the Mayor's academies trained by Gustavo Herrera, Mario Amador and Sergio González, they want to recover the title today; Thank God, thanks to the support that Compañera Rosario and President Daniel give to sport in general, we finally have the Argüello Cup in San Judas, with our powerful team facing the Carazo team, an interesting year is coming for Nicaraguan boxing, Intense months are coming to bring out the Nicaraguan team, which will represent our country in the boxing tournament of the Central American Games,” said the mayor of the capital.

For his part, coach Gustavo Herrera expressed his enthusiasm to start this first match against Carazo, "we know that they are a very good team and that the fights are going to be very close, we hope to get ahead in our first match."

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