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Municipality offers concert in tribute to Don Otto de la Rocha

Paying tribute to Don Otto de la Rocha, on the IV anniversary of his passage to another plane of life, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua offered a concert called “A Song for Don Otto”, where the memory and artistic legacy of Don Otto was honored. this distinguished Nicaraguan artist.

“We continue to remember him, we continue to listen to him, we continue to love him and we continue to admire him, we are today commemorating the fourth anniversary of the passage to immortality of Don Otto de la Rocha and we continue to listen to him every day, we continue to enjoy him every day, we “It continues to bring joy every day, in the morning, in the afternoon, at noon, at night, with its great programs, with its magnificent productions, which were recorded for eternity and the delight of all Nicaraguans,” shared Vice Mayor Enrique Armas. Rosales.

The cultural activity was developed with the artistic participation of teachers and students from the houses of culture and creativity, who gave a theatrical presentation and performed their main songs.

Also, it featured the presentation of guest artists, including Gabriel de la Rocha Valdivia, son of Don Otto, who, together with Osman Delgado and Manuel Salgado, delighted the attendees with the melodies “Managua, Linda Managua”, “Alma Mía ”, “La Pelo de Maiz”, “Plutarco Malpaisillo”, among others.

For her part, Mrs. Georgina Valdivia, widow of Don Otto de la Rocha, thanked the municipality for the recognition provided and expressed that his legacy will continue to live on.

“New Radio Ya is in charge of showing our stories about Lencho Catarrán and La Palomita Messengera, because in those stories we always have the advice and suggestions that he gave to the boys, that they should continue studying, that they should not stop, that they had to continue investigating and obey their parents and teachers,” said Valdivia.

Don Otto de la Rocha is a cultural reference, who for more than 70 years worked in national radio broadcasting, leaving a great legacy and contribution to cultural identity, receiving various recognitions, among them: the General Order José Dolores Estrada, Battle of San Jacinto in the Grand Cross Degree, the “Rubén Darío” Cultural Independence Order, the Salvador Cardenal Argüello Municipal Order, was declared a Dilect Son of the City of Managua, he was awarded a Pride of My Municipality Recognition Plaque, he received the “Year of the Bicentennial of the Leal Villa of Managua and obtained a Star on the Paseo de las Estrellas on Paseo Xolotlán, among others.

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