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Decent Housing benefits Madre Abnegada from the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood

Mrs. Jacqueline Montoya Orozco and her son, residents of the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood, are the new protagonists of the Decent Housing program, promoted by Good Government, to improve the lives of families who live in precarious and vulnerable conditions in the face of climate adversities. .

For many years, this devoted mother who takes care of her son with different abilities, went through moments of anxiety every winter, until the Good Government identified her through the organized community and made her the protagonist of this program.

“Very happy, very happy with this gift that the Lord has given me and with our Good Government, which has provided us with this decent home, from which it saved us from the situation we were in, I had never been able to change the roof of my house because of my economic situation, but the opportunity arose, through the Government, and we are receiving this decent house, in which we will be able to stay without getting wet, because we got totally wet," said the protagonist.

With this new decent housing, the Good Government has dignified the lives of 75 families in this capital neighborhood and more than 13 thousand throughout the municipality.

The opening ceremony was attended by Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, who stated that these emblematic programs reach directly into the lives of families.

Likewise, he highlighted the social transformation of this neighborhood, through road improvement works, sanitary sewage and storm drainage, which has improved its public infrastructure, with an investment of more than 44 million córdobas.

This delivery was developed with a cultural event, piñatas, children's contests and a day of medical care, for all the families of this neighborhood in District I.

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