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Merchants in the Eastern market maintain offers and promotions for Mom's gift

Like every week and in permanent communication with the merchants, this Friday, May 24, municipal authorities visited the Oriental market, to learn about the needs of this shopping center, the supply and prices of all products.

The municipal markets maintain permanent offers and promotions, especially in this month of May, when they celebrate Nicaraguan mothers, announced Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

“We are with the brothers of COMMEMA and with the business leaders, the entrepreneurs, the merchants of this gigantic Eastern market doing a work tour, confirming that the sales rate is excellent, there is an impressive commercial movement in this regard. of the week before Mother's Day,” commented the capital mayor.

The Eastern market is the largest shopping center in Nicaragua and Central America, with 18 thousand commercial sections, of which we have 12 thousand fixed, 3 thousand temporary and 3 thousand mobile. The city of Managua has 8 municipal markets, which house 19,758 commercial sections and 15,329 fixed sections and 2,536 temporary sections.

“This year we have the Spoiled Mother promotion, which means that all the people who come to buy their mother's gift will have a 50 percent discount, without losing quality, we have large departments, we have footwear, whether fine or sporty, We have lines of handbags, a clothing line, toys, home accessories, and appliances,” reported Flor Lanuza, from Moda Nicaragua.

The municipality has carried out several infrastructure projects in the Eastern market, including the installation of storm drainage pipes in the Casa de los Encajes sector, the construction of the Los Mondongos and Los Chocoyos warehouses; In addition, the construction of gutters in various sectors of this shopping center.

In the coming days, the Galerón de las Aves will be inaugurated in this market and minor works will be carried out in the Los Mariscos sector, zone 2.

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