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Child Development Center in the Laureles Sur neighborhood has completely renovated infrastructure

The children who are cared for at the “Mis Primeros Pasos” Child Development Center, located in the Laureles Sur neighborhood of District VII, will from now on spend their school days in prettier, more colorful classrooms with good ventilation, thanks to the renovation of the infrastructure that the capital commune carried out in this center specialized in the care of infants, which directly benefits 28 families in the surrounding area.

During a supervision visit to assess the scope of the works carried out, on the morning of this Thursday, May 23, the Secretary of the Municipal Council, Jennifer Porras López, explained that the Managua Mayor's Office budgets, through the Annual Investment Plan, the maintenance of the CDIs he is in charge of.

“We are committed to the entire sector of Villa Libertad, Villa Reconciliación, Sabana Grande, to be able to provide families in all these sectors with the investment that has been made in this center, these conditions that improve the quality of care. that is given to children, is part of the line that Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario have guided, at the level of Managua we have 39 child development centers, as a municipality we serve 16, in the 7 districts, with an investment that It amounts to 17 million córdobas,” Porras reported.

Among the works carried out is the waterproofing of the roof covering, renovation of paint on concrete walls, wood and perimeter mesh, review of the electrical system, maintenance of ceiling fans and all doors, maintenance and installations of the hydro-sanitary system, Tile renovation in the kitchen and bathroom area.

Currently Mis Primeros Pasos has the capacity to serve 40 children in the infant, first and second level modalities, from Monday to Friday from 7:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon, Karla Isabel Cabrera Cruz, who is the Director of the center confirmed that registrations are still open.

“With a healthy, safe and beautiful environment, children are motivated, they feel the joy of coming, the requirements to enroll are: 2 photocopies of the birth certificate, 2 photocopies of the father's ID, 2 photos of the child, a photocopy of the vaccine card and 300 córdobas for registration, plus 600 córdobas which is something symbolic for the children's food,” Cabrera explained.

“My First Steps” has highly qualified staff to serve the children in the Laureles Sur, La Cañada neighborhoods, Sabana Grande region, Pista Mayoreo, Villa Reconciliación, Villa Canada, Arnoldo Alemán neighborhood, Villa Arlen Siú, Villa Venezuela, Villa Libertad, Manuel Fernández and Altos de la Sabana.

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