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Third Bus Fleet of the People's Republic of China arrives

The modern and spacious buses from the People's Republic of China arrived in the capital this Monday, May 20, it is the third fleet of 250 that come to renew the country's Urban Collective Transport units, guaranteeing quality service for families. Nicaraguans.

Comrade Danilo Sánchez, leader of the Managua Collective Urban Transport, expressed that the renewal of the bus units is the result of the good management carried out by the Sandinista Government, for the well-being of the families, who now have a comfortable service, dignified and modern.

“Today we feel like we are the President People, today we feel like we are participants in this government, we are participants in this Revolution, the Commander has told us, comrade Rosario has told us, 2 thousand units are coming for this year, the people continue celebrating triumphs, continue celebrating joys,” said Sánchez.

With this third fleet of buses, there are 750 units of the 2,000 scheduled to enter throughout this year, coming from the sister People's Republic of China.

“The Commander has said that the fare should continue to be maintained at C$ 2.50, so that people continue to keep the benefit with a new bus, these units are 2025, that is what the policy says, that is what the license plate says,” added the leader.

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