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Asphalt coating of 10 blocks changes the image of the Las Viudas region

The construction of new roads in the neighborhoods of the capital continues to be a priority of the Good Government. This Friday, May 17, the municipality delivered the road improvement project for 5 blocks with cement soil material and 5 blocks with asphalt coating, through the Streets for the People Program in the Las Viudas Region, District I.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, during the inauguration, reported that this work had an investment of almost 4 million córdobas and will benefit 667 families (3,337 inhabitants) of this region, where 11 Solidarity Homes have also been built, which have improved the conditions of residents with limited resources and in vulnerable situations.

“Starting the weekend, delivering 10 new streets to the residents of the Las Viudas sector, 10 streets that fill all the residents of the sector with joy, comfort, and security, they had been raising it in the town councils and today Thanks to God and the government of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, they have been able to respond,” said the mayor of the capital.

Likewise, he announced that, to date, this emblematic program has made 29 percent progress, with 411 blocks of the 1,417 projected, “when we are barely at the final stretch of the fifth month of the year, this month of May, month of "Nicaraguan mothers, and the children who come to visit their mothers on Mother's Day, will be able to enter with a better access route, they will have a very special holiday, like the one they have today."

During recent years, the Las Viudas region has received road improvement and storm drainage works, with an investment of more than 10 million córdobas.

Joyful families stated that the streets are excellent, because previously it was a road that could not be traveled.

“Now there will be fewer diseases, because before there were mudholes, stilts and everything, vehicles will now be able to pass, better for the students and we thank the government for all those works that it is implementing and for taking them further,” said the protagonist Maryi Ortiz.

Juan Rosales, a resident of this sector, expressed that the increase in works that reach the neighborhoods, neighborhoods and regions are thanks to the peace that Good Government promotes.

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