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Good Government presents progress and challenges to continue transforming the lives of families

At the Evaluative Congress 45/19 Strengths and Challenges of the Christian, Socialist, Sandinista and Solidarity Project, held this Friday, May 17, in the Auditorium of the Japan-Nicaragua Friendship Park, the Good Government presented progress of the significant projects that have been carried out in Managua since 2009.

The evaluation activity was attended by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who highlighted the progress and changes that the capital's families have had, through the National Plan to Fight Poverty., promoted by the Sandinista Government.

"We in this congress are sharing the advances and challenges that come to us, when we talk about challenges we refer to new strategies, new actions through the diagnosis that we have today, when we talk about well-being, we talk about a political will to our Good Government, we as the Mayor of Managua can say that we have made progress in the road network, water and sanitation, projects like Bismarck Martínez, which have been challenges that were born from that concern and strategy that our Good Government has to listen to and attend to the needs of our families,” said the mayor of the capital.

Among the changes presented by the municipality is the modernization of the traffic light network, the Rubenia overpass, the construction of the Las Piedrecitas and Nejapa overpass, construction, expansion and improvement in drainage works, projects that have been carried out throughout throughout all these years.

Likewise, the challenges for the growth and strengthening of the capital were presented, among them are the construction and modernization of the San Juan Pablo II Track, the reconstruction of Las Piedrecitas Park, strengthening of the storm drainage system, construction of social housing. of the Bismar Programck Martínez and finally continue with the participation and involvement of families, through the master plans with which they have been working.

Eliette Esquivel, Co-director ofl INIFOM stated that this is the seventh municipal congress that has been held and that in total 19 congresses will be held at the departmental level, where they will be evaluating each of the advances and what will be improved to continue transforming the lives of families.

“We have quite a few significant achievements in infrastructure at the national level, the number of streets we have built, so far we have executed 26 thousand streets, we have 191 Houses of Culture and Creativity, 160 Community Museums of the Revolution, a considerable number of Recreation Centers, For example, viewpoints that each of the municipalities are building, 2,082 sports spaces and this year we will continue building sports spaces, for healthy recreation” explained colleague Esquivel.

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