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Floating School experiential experience for students from capital schools

Students from different schools in the capital participated on the morning of this Wednesday, May 15, in the “Floating School” project, organized by the municipality in coordination with the Japan International Cooperation Agency, a journey that not only allowed the students to immerse themselves in a natural environment, but also to acquire knowledge about the care of water resources.

In the educational activity carried out in the central lagoon of Managua, Tiscapa, Mauricio Díaz, Director of Environmental Management of the municipality, expressed the importance of teaching children to protect water sources.

"We have two modalities, Floating School on Lake taking out garbage and we want to prevent this from continuing to happen, when we bring children here they see the pollution, pedagogically it is one of the best ways to teach them to protect water sources,” said Díaz.

Colber Antonio Sandino, CIRA teacher, explained that the students carried out two experiments, teaching them how to make water drinkable using aluminum sulfate.

"Our Government, concerned about the preservation of water, is giving children an environmental awareness class about the importance of aquatic resources, two experiments, one on water purification and a chemical reagent of aluminum sulfate, all these small Micro algae that are contained in the lagoon come into contact with the aluminum sulfate and they sediment, a process that is used to make the water drinkable,” Sandino explained.

For his part, Samuel Alexander Martínez, student at the Barrilete de Colores School, expressed that the activity carried out is a good idea, since this way you learn to take care of water, "here in Nicaragua we have an advantage, we have a lot of water, but the majority of the lakes may be contaminated, we have to deposit the garbage in its place, because if not the rains wash away the garbage."

The study centers that participated in this journey were Barrilete de Colores, Pablo Antonio Cuadra, Republic of Canada, Republic of Nicaragua and José de la Cruz Mena.

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