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Prevention and protection plans for families in District II active

Visiting critical points continues to be a constant task of the capital authorities, who on the morning of this Tuesday, May 14, toured the vulnerable areas of District II, as part of the Safe Winter 2024 Plan.

On this tour, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, accompanied by the different institutions that make up Comupred, shared that the components of this plan are focused on safeguarding the lives of families.

"They are permanent efforts, we as the Mayor's Office work with four important axes, which is the active involvement of the population, that they know the characteristics of where they live in case of any eventuality, they know that they have all the institutions to serve them, we through our positions "We are constantly active in the seven districts," said the mayor of the capital.

Rueda explained that all category A critical points in the capital have been eliminated, points that were of high risk for the population.

“Investments in infrastructure are important and we have done it in all these years, in cleaning alone we are investing more than 60 million córdobas and in infrastructure more than 800 million córdobas, we see the priority that our Government has with families,” he emphasized. Wheel.

Yamileth del Socorro Hernández, a resident of the Batahola Sur neighborhood, said that they are taking into account all the measures that the municipal authorities have provided them.

“As a community we have participated in multi-threat life protection exercises, through these visits we feel important, accompanied by the authorities and above all with the Government, which orders the competent authorities to support us,” said Hernández.

Currently, District II has six critical points, three in category B and three in category C. Among the points visited are the Daniel Enrique Chavarría neighborhood, where 50 families live, and Batahola Sur (Los Tubos Sector) with 109 families.

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