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District VII begins winter season with 3 vulnerable points

At the beginning of the week this Monday, May 13, municipal authorities toured the 3 critical points in District VII, as part of the strategy implemented by the Safe Winter Plan 2024 of the municipality of Managua.

During the evaluation of the vulnerable points, the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, explained that the municipality has been working for several years, with a contingency plan that, in addition to carrying out storm drainage works to eliminate the vulnerable points, critical, it also promotes environmental education and community organization, the latter being fundamental in the immediate response to unexpected emergency situations.

“We are accompanying with a lot of commitment on the part of our Good Government, guided by our Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Compañera Rosario, in District 7, in the Laureles Norte neighborhood, where we can observe a point that we have classified as point B, This place is vulnerable to landslides, on the slopes of this sector we have 32 families that are in this same situation, 165 people including men, women, children, pregnant women and the elderly, we always have this point under surveillance, in 2017 “We evacuated 14 families,” said the capital official.

Porras confirmed that in this district there are still 3 critical points and the goal is to eradicate them all, but before eliminating them, we must work with the conscience and responsibility of the citizen.

“We visit house to house of the families that are most vulnerable in the neighborhood, we also do a census and we have located the families that are most in danger or that cannot leave quickly at the time of an emergency, every time it rains. The UVE team is activated and we are monitoring everyone who we know is at risk,” said the protagonist Perla Campos, who has lived in Laureles Norte for 15 years.

In 2009 there were 130 critical points due to flooding and many of them were category A; but with the mitigation works carried out by the municipality, the list has been reduced to 51 critical points, of these 18 are category B, 32 category C, 1 category D and 1 in category E, that means that it is in the process of elimination Currently, the capital no longer has category A critical points, which are those points where the lives of families are at risk.

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