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International Soccer Tournament strengthens ties of friendship between 14 embassies accredited in Nicaragua

The results of the International Friendly Football Tournament, organized by the French embassy in greeting to the Paris Olympic Games, which will be held from July 26 to August 11, were a resounding success, because in addition to promoting friendly competition and sport, strengthened the ties of friendship between 14 countries that battled on the field for 8 hours in search of the precious trophy. The podium was formed as follows: first place Honduras, second place Costa Rica, third place Nicaragua.

“We have shared with the different teams, with brothers and sisters from the different embassies, it has been an exceptional experience, we did not imagine the magnitude that this tournament was really going to have, we are very satisfied with the results, the brotherhood, the sharing and in In the case of our boys from the mayor's office, they had an intense day to take third place, so we are very happy," were the words of Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, during the awarding of the finalist teams.

The ambassador of France, Mrs. Sonia Doña Pérez, congratulated all the teams, especially the winners of the first places, “congratulations to all the teams from Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Japan, I thank the entire team of the embassy of France, who has worked hard, to really see the joy of the whole day, the friendship of the whole day is a reward for all this work.”

At the end of the sporting afternoon, the Catrachos won the precious trophy in a classic match against Costa Rica, but the biggest prize was won by all the countries that participated in the tournament.

“This is really important to maintain that brotherhood, among the international missions that we find in the sister republic of Nicaragua, a country that has welcomed us and allows us to develop this type of activities, which come to strengthen that brotherhood, we thank all the who participated, because they showed that soccer is about making friends,” said the Honduran ambassador, Jorge Llanes.

Among the countries that participated in this tournament were Germany, Colombia, Spain, the United States, France, Japan and El Salvador, as well as the missions of the World Food Program, European Union, UNICEF and UNOPS, represented by their respective teams.

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