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Capital authorities attend to critical points and storm drainage works

During a tour carried out on the morning of this Saturday, May 11, municipal authorities visited different storm drainage works that are carried out as part of the Winter Plan and shared with families, to provide immediate attention to emergencies that may arise, with the arrival of the rainy season.

The Secretary General, Comrade Fidel Moreno, reported that according to the Ineter meteorological report, the heaviest rains were concentrated in districts I, II and III, "so far we have had 20 houses with temporary flooding, we are supporting families with cleaning and following the instructions of the Commander President and Compañera Rosario, we are going to proceed to provide care with mats and blankets, because some of their beds got wet.”

He also shared that in general the city of Managua has been affected by the accumulation of sediment, garbage and fallen trees on the roads.

"Today we are going to dedicate the whole day to cleaning the drainage, the first rains bring new garbage, although the drains were clean and must be attended to, in the Eastern channel projects that we are visiting we had some damage, logically we are building a channel enormous and that is going to be one of the points of frequent attention this winter, while the work is not finished, we have to be attentive, alert, we had some damage to homes due to flooding and we are attending to possible landslides that may occur in the channel, there are mitigation works that will be beginning to be carried out today.”

The visit to critical points is part of the effort of a Good Government model of prevention and attention to disasters, directly serving families, through community organization in the event of any emergency.

“In Managua we have had 130 critical points since 2009, we are starting this rainy season with 51 critical points, we visited this morning the main critical point of the city of Managua, it is in the area near Sabana Grande at the intersection of the Kola Shaler, where a strong current that comes from the South, this volume of water that comes from the area of Ticuantepe, Nindirí, constantly affects us, there was a lack of drainage infrastructure and in recent years we have been doing drainage works," said the capital official.

Among the drainage works carried out by the municipality in this area, is the construction of 4 microdams, which are already enabled, one of them being the Las Maravillas microdam with 78 percent progress, which includes several channels, which will reduce a critical point due to flooding in this sector, with a reservoir capacity for 700 thousand cubic meters of water, in an area with almost 60 thousand square meters, for the 12 meters deep that the microdam has, simultaneously a bridge box is also being built that It will conduct rainwater from the Sabana Grande sector to the microdam.

“The work is progressing very well, one of the components of the work in the critical points is the development of infrastructure works, it is important to continue building, but there are also other important components of community organization, being clear that in the face of the rains we are making, If there are people with disabilities, if there are small children, cleaning work is the same, a large part of the problems we have during the winter season are linked to garbage and the fourth component is organization, we need to build properly,” Moreno indicated.

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