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Rehabilitation of Las Piedrecitas park reaches 89 percent progress in its second stage

The rehabilitation and modernization project of Las Piedrecitas park in its second stage is approaching the final part, the recovery of this iconic park of the capital is part of the permanent commitment of the Good Government to recover, strengthen and preserve the historical heritage, as municipal authorities announced during a supervision tour, the morning of this Friday, May 10.

"Monitoring the progress and so far we have made 89 percent progress, thank God, and we see how it is developing, recovering this family recreation space that is going to be one of the preferred places for families, for the people of Managua, because we are sure that they are excited about the moment when we are going to deliver it,” shared the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

Las Piedrecitas, which opened its doors in 1920, will soon offer a new comprehensive family recreation space, with a natural environment and modern designs in its infrastructure.

“Really without comparison how it will be, we try to preserve the environmental part, those ancient trees, more than a hundred years old, the panoramic view, but above all the memories and all those lived moments of the Managuas, the commitment is to preserve those memories , through the modernization of all this construction that is being done and as our Vice President, Compañera Rosario, will announce, first God we will be celebrating this restitution of rights in July, which is added to the more than 300 recreational spaces in Managua,” indicated the capital city councilor.

Due to the magnitude and area of the park, the rehabilitation was planned in three stages, in 2022 the first stage began, in 2023 the second stage, which is in its final stretch. Once all the works are completed (the three stages of the project) the park will have an area of 7 blocks.

Mayor Rueda reported that during the first stage, the perimeter wall was built, the storm drainage system, the sanitary system, the electrical energy system, the drinking water system, the irrigation system, the construction of the parking area, were installed. pedestrian platforms, 2 restaurants, administrative offices, two small squares, a bathroom area, lighting system, surveillance area at the main entrance to the park, three children's play areas, El Tren and the Children's Round were restored.

Likewise, he pointed out that, in this second stage, significant progress has been made in the construction of a space to play volleyball consisting of 2 courts, which will have a bleacher area, more than 700 seats, facilities for athletes, equipped with a battery of sanitary bathrooms and a shower system.

The new design, in addition to preserving El Tren (which was the first locomotive that came to the country in 1904) and La Ronda de los Niños, (which is a tribute to the children who were victims of the 1972 earthquake), also preserves the viewpoints , where you can appreciate the landscape of the Asososca Lagoon and in the distance the Xolotlán Lake, great natural attractions that the city of Managua has.

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