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Municipal authorities visit critical points in District III

This Friday, May 10, municipal authorities accompanied by members of the National Committee for Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Attention, took a tour of different critical points, located in District III, to assess the risks that families may present with the arrival of the winter.

During this visit, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, explained the importance of maintaining direct communication with the population to know and respond to the needs they present during the rainy season.

"Since 2020, we do not have category A critical points, which is highly dangerous where families could lose their lives. Of the 51 critical points that we have in our municipality, nine are here in District III, where three are of category B and six of category C, we remain vigilant as Commander Daniel and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario, have recommended, that the most important thing is to preserve life, so that families are not in danger," explained the capital official.

Rueda, pointed out that the Winter 2024 Plan has a special component of putting families first, “it is made up of four axes and part of that is the significant investment in infrastructure and mitigation works, which is the cleaning of all our drainage, environmental education, organization and active community participation.”

Also, he shared that they are investing more than 800 million córdobas in 120 projects, in addition to all the cleaning that is permanent throughout the drainage.

"It is very important to maintain communication with the families of the different neighborhoods of our municipalities, one of the critical points is in Villa Holland, there we have 107 brothers and sisters who live in that point, who were previously category A, here in this El Frawley point, we have 60 families, here in 2012 we moved more than thirteen families, because they lived in the area of the channel and their lives were in danger, we are happy with the progress we have had, of the hundred critical points that we had, We have reduced it to fifty-one and not having even one in category A is a significant advance,” said Mayor Rueda.

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